Corona Protective Measures

In accordance with the measures from the BAG, currently the following precautions are in place:

  • Exchange of contact data
  • The Room will be ventilated during breaktimes
  • Group-Lessons or when multiple people are in the room: Covid-Certificate (if you don't own one, you are asked to wear a facemask)

I can show you my Covid-Certificate, if you should wish so. The lessons can be held with facemasks and more distance. Please don't hesitate to ask! Your well-being is very important to me.

Getting to know and -Trial Offer

To get to know each other and for me to learn what fascinates you about Shamisen, I offer you 2 free Trial Lessons.

Trial Lesson 1

CHF 0 .-

Probably for the first time, you will hold a Shamisen in your hand!

I get to know you and your motivation to learn Shamisen. Then I'll teach you a very easy, traditional folk song from the Toyama Prefecture.

  • Duration: 60 min (incl. 15 min break)
  • No previous knowledge needed
  • Shamisen will be provided

Trial Lesson 2

CHF 0 .-

After you learned the first song, I'll get an image on how to best teach you.

Then I'll give you detailed advice on how to buy or rent a Shamisen, accessories, practice tipps and we'll talk about how we will further proceed with the lessons.

  • Duration: 60 min (incl. 15 min break)
  • Trial Lesson 1 is a requirement
  • Shamisen will be provided

One-to-One Lessons

One-to-One Lessons are the best method to learn the Shamisen and it's many specifics correctly. I offer you Single Lessons or Pre-Paid Subscriptions, which save you some money.

Single Lesson

CHF 60 .-

  • Duration: 90 min (30 min Break included)
  • One-to-One Lesson
  • Homework
  • Own Shamisen & accessories required

Subscription of 5

CHF 270 .-
Save half of a lesson fee!

  • 5x Single Lessons
  • Save half of a lesson fee!