About me


I'm Andreas 😊 I was born in Switzerland and I'm a huge Music enthusiast. I play the Tsugaru Shamisen since I'm 25 years old. Before that, I've been playing the electric Guitar. Well, I'm still playing the Guitar from time to time, but the Shamisen has definitely taken the main Spot in my life.

It was when I found this Video of Osanai Kaoru when it literally struck me. This sound, this dynamic - from very loud to very silent, with the harmonic, metallic background-buzz... I felt wonderful, content... and I knew: I want to learn to play like this!

Since then, my Shamisen has been with me through all kinds of situations in my life. It keeps me grounded and fills me with joy whenever I play or listen to it. And: I noticed, it connects all kinds of people - No matter what's their origin, age, gender or their place in society. The Tsugaru Shamisen, with it's pure and honest character, reaches to the heart of everybody.

オープン流三味線 - OpenRyū Shamisen

"Truth lies in no place but in this course of pursuit itself." - Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure

I started OpenRyū Shamisen to make the Tsugaru Shamisen more popular in Switzerland. And first of all: To give an opportunity to learn the Instrument, without being restrained by a rigid Ieomoto-System.

I hold my Lessons like you may know it from typical Music-Schools in Switzerland or Europe. This means:

  • Intensive One-to-One-Lessons are preferred. This way, you will advance very fast.
  • I carefully guide you through all the difficulty levels, from an absolute beginner to being a master.
  • I will answer any Questions you may have.
  • I will assign homework to you and supply you with Notations, Audio- and Video-Recordings.
  • I expect you to practice regularly. This is the most important aspect of learning any Instrument.
  • While considering the usual Copyright Laws in your country, you are free to perform and teach anything you learned from me. I even ask you to do so - Only like this, Music stays alive.
  • I regularly take lessons myself to advance - Learning is a livelong path.

If you want to learn more about taking lessons, click here!